Tinyman for President, a hypertext fiction by William Gillespie Khazak Launch Ban Threatens Mir The Unknown: the great American hypertext novel, by William Gillespie, Frank Marquardt, Scott Rettberg, and Dirk Stratton Chicken Soup for Your Corporate Ass.
OMNIFESTO, by William Gillespie Table of Forms: a Poetry Primer The Mayor of the Moon is Interested in Development... The Assassination of Roy's Suspended Disbelief: a collage novel by William Gillespie
Letter to Linus, a hypercube, by William Gillespie Sequence, an automated poem, by William Gillespie Dow and Union Carbide to Merge: a hypertext fiction by William Gillespie 20-Consonant Poetry: a new poetic form
Webworks, by William Gillespie. 11,112,006,825,558,016 Sonnets, a combinatoric poem by William Gillespie and William Shakespeare And you arrive with your psychoses. The Ed Report; by William Gillespie, Dylan Meisner, and Nick Montfort.